Hamish Stirrat – laminique

To celebrate the nature of the material, the vast colour range that it comes in, and to highlight its diversity in a different and unique way. The design of this chair looks to draw inspiration from the material itself, what a laminate is and the process of lamination. To investigate the potential of the material seemed a natural first step, and from there I let the process define the outcome of the final design.

Stirrat draws from Mieke Meijer and Vij5’s work with plywood, taking a thin, flexible material, multiplying and stacking it, then laminating it together to extrude a 2D surface into a 3 dimensional volume. Creating a simple chair form that belies the complexity of the material product to create it enhances the intrigue and curiosity of the surface finish itself, or in this case, many finishes. From afar the material would appear to be timber like…on closer inspection one would see that the grain is actually made up from different colours, textures and patterns of the various laminates.

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