Werner Naude – PLAY Table

The PLAY table is designed in response to the ‘changing’ tables challenge; we live in a time of constant change, innovation, adaptation and flexibility.

Why should our furniture not be the same?

With this in mind I set out to design a table that would respond to those challenges.

I looked at everyday objects that appear simple in nature but are infinitely variable. I was inspired by the piano…it relative simple appearance with a core that provides for delight, flexibility and change, depending on its users’ needs.

To look for further inspiration I turned to what is arguably considered the best piano sonata of all time; Ludwig van Beethoven`s Fur Elise. I translated the notes in to a piano roll as shown on the left and used the pattern and piano it’s self to inform the design pattern language.

The PLAY tables design aims to provide a canvas for life, flexible in its function, colour and form.

The PLAY table offers its users a two tone colour palette, shown here in a monochromatic black & white colour scheme. Other colour palates may be optional.

Form flexibility is articulated by the infinitely adjustable keys that can be arranged in multiple setts at varying angles to provide a truly adaptable table that can move with its users’ needs.

PLAY`s sculptural capability allows the table to be transformed by its user in to art that evolves as its user and environment does.


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