Formica International Exhibition: Bernard Tschumi, Typogram 2008

Swiss born, NY & Paris based practice, Bernard Tscumi designed UC’s (Richard E. Lindner) Athletic Center, part of Varsity Village and created quite an impression.

Mr. Tschumi is not only an architect but a theorist and academic. He taught in Portsmouth Polytechnic, UK; the Architectural Association in London; the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in New York; Princeton University; the Cooper Union & Columbia University, NY. His global projects include the Parc de la Villette Competition in Paris, his first major public work in 1982. He went on to design the Concert Hall in Limoges, Vacheron Constantin new Watch making Headquarters & Factory in Switzerland. Soon to be complete is the New Acropolis Museum in Athens (2009), the proposed new home of Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon.

Mr. Tschumi wanted his chair called “Typogram” to mirror the design concepts used for his Cincinnati Athletic Center. He also wanted to challenge the concept of designing with flat surfacing materials. He took the new ColorCore2 in New White and like skin, bent and rolled it into a sensuous curvy shape that was meant to be turned and rotated into different seating situations. The cutouts were surfaced in MicroDot finish while the main skin is a Polished finish to create a interesting play on shine and shadow.

The ovaline cutouts are to be practical to place cups or magazines for the user. Since the new ColorCore2 could be postformed and did not have the normal black laminate edge, the piece looks to be cut out of solid material. A solid piece designed in line with his Cincinnati building sold for $30,000.

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