Zee Shake-Lee – Talking to the moon

I used to grow up with my grandparents and there was a concrete well at the courtyard of their old house. One day, out of curiosity, I stood on my tiptoes to find out what was inside. Surprisingly I saw myself in the sky. As a kid, I always wanted to touch the sky. Hence I instantaneously picked up some stones and threw them one by one into the well: to make ripples, to disrupt the sky and watch it forming back all over again. In that way, I felt like I could touch the sky. One night, my grandfather told me he kept the moon in the well. I doubted. So I ran to check if it was true. The moon was indeed kept inside. It was the first time I saw myself being so close to the moon. ‘How did you do that? Tell me!’, I asked excitedly.

Light is only appreciated in extreme darkness. The design, inspired by the solitude and the delicate yet compelling sense of moonlight, aims to capture the poetic moment of the night sky, reflecting the lights on the laminate material. Composed of reflective surface, the base of the lighting sculpture captures the lights and subtly delineates another world in the reflection. The design deliberately uses dark Basalt Slate to portray the darkness and mysterious quality. Symbolically, the material connects the sky and the ground through lights.

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