Aleisha Stanton – Contemporary Floor Mount Lamp

Flexibility – Formica is not just limited to benchtops and square forms; it is able to fold along curved surfaces also. I wanted to represent this in my design by having curves as a main design feature and to represent this in a contemporary form.

Function – The contrasts in this light fitting of vertical and horizontal surfaces, of different colours, patterns and finishes joining neatly together, and of form and function in the final product – this represents Formica’s fusion with creativity and adaptability in the industry.

Fashion – with an up to date swatch chart to choose from I was able to pick and match from a range of colours, patterns and finishes to assemble a contemporary combination that results in a fashionable outcome.

My Formica Formation design is about bringing these three aspects of flexibility, fusion and fashion into a light fitting that will extend the viewers’ ideas on Formica. I have created a light sculpture that is fascinating in its materials, manufacture and function. I wanted to design a light fitting that is contemporary to 2015 and adaptable to different surroundings, but which stands out as a unique custom design also.

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