Darni Struijck – Life Cycle Table

Traditional Formica table

The heart of Formica lies in its robustness, durability, cleanliness and its versatility of form and function. Formica designs ‘for today with forever in mind’ that should ‘span for generations’.

Reimagining the Formica table

In the reimagining of the Formica table, with respect to the ‘forever in mind’ statement, the idea of multi-generation comes to play.

Multi-generational design is about designing for all life situations and all phases of life. The Life.Cycle table expresses the need for a table to have a tectonic shift that allows New Zealanders to adapt and adjust the height of a third of the table to suit different age groups, activities and functions.

The adjustment of hardware in everyday life allows New Zealanders to live in a world of freedom where we can decide the function of the table from cradle to grave.

The Life.Cycle table extends the versatility of the traditonal Formica table, in both form and function.


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