Anne Thiermann – Splitting Pendant

Formica is durable, longlasting and protective. It takes on many forms.

This design explores the formal concept of a rock; a durable hard material encompassing and protecting the light inside. The rock cracking just enough to let the light out, achieving different light qualities as you move around the shell, always retaining a sense of intrigue, never giving away too much. Protecting, as if to keep the light.

The faceted ‘rock’ surfaces are emphasized with natural stone laminates on the outside. With varying Formica finishes used on a single facet to create the illusion of more facets than there actually are, to create depth in the design whilst simplifying the construction. The inside of the shell maximises light with the reflective quality of polished aluminium laminate.

Splitting pendant manifests light and Formica together. One strong and protective, the other elusive yet restrained, coming together to create an exciting display of form and texture. But the reward is light.

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