Candice Van-Dyk – Timeless Descent

Inspired by clean lines and simplicity, Timeless Descent is inspired by geometry and modernism whilst still maintaining class and timeless elegance. It was developed from the concept of a chandelier with a modern twist to transfer it into today’s contemporary environment. The chandelier concept makes it easily transferable into many different residential and commercial environments – from extreme modernism to classic design. The design encompassing a combination of timeless elegance whilst also embracing contemporary abstraction.

Black and white has been the base for this design – its classic and simplistic. “Black and White is timeless as it is definite…… It forms a never ending partnership that intersperses our style and taste with simplicity, classicism and often, an incisive edge” (Guild, 2013, p. 10) Black and white is an elegant combination and as photographer Ted Grant once said “When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white you photograph their soul’. (Guild, 2013, p. 10) The effect of the use of black and white together can be as conflicting as the colours themselves. It can be nostalgic and classic but just as easily contemporary and modern. The HPL Bianca Luna 180fx also embraces shades of Grey through the marble effect. Grey is a combination of black and white – it includes the forceful gravitas of black and the peace and purity of white.

The strong contrasts these colours provide help define the shape of this design. Due to the nature of the design and the layering of forms, it was important to select materials and colours that didn’t overpower and complicate the design – it is based on simplicity, contrasts and sophistication that can be transferable into different areas.

The layering of shapes helps transfers the viewer through the design from top to bottom. The design flows from one form to the next and which creates a cohesive feel. The repetition of forms creates a harmony and organised structure to the design.

Strong lines have been used to give this design a defined edge and provide a sense of structure to the design.


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