Daniel Zhu – Legless Table

“Celebration, pride, re – invent” are the three big words that drives the concept of the design. I would like to reflect the three big words through my design.

The table is made of a 18mm laminate sheet and cut to shape with edges painted in colour. This table is unlike the ordinary table sitting on legs, it is floating. The table is hanged from the ceiling by one 6mm rigid rod each side. The rods are fixed through to the threaded plates below the table. The table is also gathered by the same family ( swing chairs ) which are made from the off – cut of Laminate sheets and gathered from different materials and colours . The shape of the table is limited to rectangular, it can be round or square, etc. Same as seat.

In return to the three big words,

Celebration = Gathering & Happiness (Mixing all Formica products, colours with swinging ability to give joy to the occupier)

Pride = Material honesty. ( using Formica material only, minimise all non – Formica materials where are not necessary)

Re – Invent = Innovative (quick installation, low budget, low tech, low waste and mass production for the future, flexibility of shape and size)


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